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Turn real gifts into a new way of communicating with people and part of their lifestyle, thanks to the simplicity and safety of our service.
The YouGiver team has created a new way of communicating via gifts to enable people all over the world to express their appreciation, feelings, and emotions in new ways.

Of course, everyone loves receiving gifts and it's even nicer to give them.

We thought it was time to incorporate the most modern technology into our gift ordering service, turning it into a new way of communication, simplifying the ordering process and introducing the ability to remain anonymous to ensure the safety of the recipients.

Today, the whole world is getting online, and chasing stickers, views, and likes on social networks has become an established trend.

We are confident that real gifts are better than likes :)

Meanwhile, our concern for privacy and data security is the priority on which our entire business and our proprietary technology are built.

YouGiver's mission is to make communication via gifts a part of people's lives all over the world.                                                            
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