More than 100 countries
Fast delivery
The recipient does not register, confirmation of receipt of the gift from the notification
Time dictates new trends
Corporate gifts TECHNOLOGICAL
with YouGiver
Sending a request for confirmation of a gift to the recipient in:
Without filling in the delivery address
Anywhere in the world
Who is especially comfortable with YouGiver gift giving?
Remote employees
For clients
Business partners
Why YouGiver?
Why YouGiver?
  • At the right time and in the right place
  • The recipient himself will indicate a convenient time and place for receiving the gift
  • Choose a gift from the catalog or send a request to add new products, and we will add them for any country
  • We can do everything for you
Choose the option for sending the gift "Send a request to the recipient in any messenger" and send the link to the recipient
Watch the video
The recipient gives his confirmation and fills in the delivery details that are not available to the donor
Choose your gift and pay. After receiving confirmation, you can access the catalog of gifts in the recipient's city
Delivery of gifts anywhere in the world is carried out by our partners. Delivery status report is provided upon delivery.
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It's nice to know that the gift was sent personally by a respected partner, and not by a secretary
*Send gifts without filling out the address
When confirming the gift, the recipient indicates a convenient time, date and delivery address