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Let your followers shop easily and quickly and gift goods in your online store.
You're creative
You have your own channel + e-commerce business and advertising integrations?
Follow your passion,
and leave online commerce to us!
What can you do with YouGiver?
With YouGiver you'll be able to create your own market place avaliable by your  personalized (unique) link with access in all social media and apps.
Your clients can easily buy your goods and send it as a gift, and your  advertisers' production as well.
For you
  • quick start. Programmers, marketers and designers aren't needed
  • no subscription fee, only transaction payment
  • option of integrated marketing and adding the advertised products into
  • single link for selling in all social media and apps (shareable for your followers  and colleagues)
  • The geography of access is the whole world. Your products will be automatically added to YouGiver marketplace
For your followers
  • no registration
  • specifying a recipient's address isn't needed - simple checkout
  • feature to send products as a gift
  • feature to receive products as a gift
  • all the features of an ordinary online store
  • multi-currency
For  your advertisers
  • convenient integrated marketing fo selling advertised products
  • no promo codes
  • no setting of complex analytics
  • full control of sales data
  • feature to pay percentages of sales
plus payment
  • online store page
  • feature of sending and receiving a product as a gift
  • analytics and order processing functionality
  • no subscription fee
  • customer support
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You can add your brand's products after verification
Post your link in social media
You'll have your personal link to the market place. Post it in social media and  messengers for clients' quick access.
Earn income from sale of goods
All you have to do is earn income from sale of goods