More than 100 countries
Fast delivery
Instead of a thousand words and a thousand stickers

Real gifts from your friends from all over the world

Our difference: your delivery data (country, city, delivery address, phone number) is not shared with the gift giver
Start receiving gifts!
Instead of a thousand words and a thousand stickers
Send your personal link to receive a gift
from the gift giver in any messenger
publish it on any social media platform

Who our service targets

Influencers and bloggers
Post a link in public profiles, and you will be able to communicate with your audience in a new way and receive gifts.
Enable your fans to give you a gift and express their appreciation.
Online daters
Receive gifts without disclosing your personal data.
For all social network and instant messenger users
Get a personal gift link and share it via personal messages or social networks.

How does it work?

Step 1
You publish your personal link to receive a gift
I want to get a link
to receive gifts
Step 2
Gift giver clicks on your link and chooses a gift for you
A list of gifts, available in the recipient city, appears. However, the gift giver can not see your country, city, delivery address and phone number
Step 3
You receive email confirmation about your new gift
I want to get pleasant
Step 4
Our couriers will deliver the gift at any time convenient for the recipient
YouGiver partners operate in more than 100 countries around the world. The gift will be surely delivered to the specified address
I want to get
beautiful flowers!
Step 5
Gift giver receives the confirmation that the gift has been delivered
I love making and
receiving gifts!

YouGiver list of gifts categories

Fragrances & Cosmetics
Gift Cards
Experience Gift Cards
Smart Gadgets
Business Gifts
Make and receive
gifts together
with YouGiver!
We guarantee you will have a pleasant experience!
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