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Want to give a gift, but don't know your friend's address?

YouGiver is a gift-giving service for users of social networks and apps
give a gift

Show appreciation without asking for personal information

YouGiver is a gift-giving service for users of social networks and apps
give a gift

Your gift will be precious and unforgettable

YouGiver is a gift-giving service for users of social networks and apps
give a gift

Our service will be useful for

Customers of online flower and gift stores
Just feel the difference, as gift-giving becomes easier.
Online daters
Start dating the right way — by sending gifts without invading someone's personal space or asking for the recipient's personal data.
All of you who love giving gifts
To your friends, family members, and colleagues. It's simple and convenient.
YouGiver allows you to give real gifts simply and quickly in different countries of the world, even if you do not know the recipient's address
Show your care and love
as thoughtfully as possible,
make this day special!
Give gifts easily
YouGiver lets you easily make an amazing impression and take the first steps to real communication with friends from social networks and instant messengers
Step 1
Want to give a gift? Does your Recipient have a YouGiver personal gift link?
Step 2
Сlick and choose a gift for a friend
Step 3
Get a confirmation that your gift was delivered
Giver provides information
The Giver fills in all the information needed for the delivery of the gift
Recipient provides information
Send the request to the Recipient to fill in the information needed for the delivery. The data will not be shared with the Giver.
Using profile data
The Recipient pre-enters the data needed for delivery to his/her profile

Offline dating to make it more charming

When on a date at a restaurant; at a night club; or even in a hurry on the street — you'll never miss an opportunity

Just let your intended recipient scan your personal link or print out your YouGiver calling card in advance and hand it to them.

The recipient will confirm that the gift has been received

You will send a beautiful gift.

You've done it! You seized the opportunity :)

YouGiver list of gifts categories

Fragrances & Cosmetics
Gift Cards
Experience Gift Cards
Smart Gadgets
Business Gifts

Give tastefully

We will present your chosen gift so that it will be accepted with joy and pleasure
Your gift will be impeccable - unique, timely, perfect
Protecting the confidentiality of the recipient's personal data is the basis for securing our users' trust.
The exchange and storage of information are fully automated and protected by modern security protocols
Your gift is delivered
We do not share Recipient's personal information with the Giver, we only inform you of the delivery of the gift